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Please read all Terms& Condition before buying from the website and agreeing to the mentioned Terms of Use is essential. On purchase, it signifies that you have adhered to the legally binding website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (as referenced). The Privacy Policy and terms of use are applicable to all users on the website, irrespective of whether they (users) make a purchase or not while it is applicable to registered users that are registered and authorized to transact business on the website (members).

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Services on Iskiuski.com

Recommendations are not guaranteed nor does the company be held liable for any loss or damage that customer/member suffers due to following the advice. Images might appear smaller or larger than the actual size due to photography techniques to provide details on the diamond/jewellery.

Registration for members

Before you can transact or buy on the website you need to become a member. To become a registered member, personal information will be required and user will have to choose a username and password for access the member-only section. You will be required to provide name, other details, email, contact number and customer verification question.

Order jewellery online

Only members can make purchase online from the website, Iskiuski.com. They can : Choose from the available selection and add the jewellery to shopping cart. Call our customer support/consultants and place the order.


If the item is in stock, it will be delivered in 5-7 days from the order date. While most items are delivered in 5-7 days, there are a few items which may be delivered in 7-10 days. The accurate delivery time is mentioned on the product page itself. For items with sizes, please select the required size and the current delivery estimate will be showed under availability message.


Prices displayed on the website are subject to change without any notice and on orders, the current price displayed is the prevailing price as per the day the order has been placed/completed. All prices displayed on the iskiuski.com website are final, non-negotiable and fixed. For all pricing related queries, please feel free to call us.

Shipping and Delivery

Iskiuski.com provides free delivery on all items if your total order amount is more than Rs. 500/-. Otherwise Rs. 50/- is charged towards shipping charges. If you select cash-on-delivery payment and your order total is not more than Rs. 500/-, additional Rs 50/- will be charged towards cash-on-delivery.