Most of the gemstones are cut to enhance the colour and brilliance of the colour. A well-cut gemstone has proportion and symmetry while it ensures that it diminishes the flaws and improves the colour. As gemstones are of different hues and colours, there is no standard procedure or scale of cut that can maximize the brilliance of the specific gemstone. At our website, we have a varied selection in terms of size and cut, but each gemstone is hand picked for its fineness and quality.

Most deep coloured gemstones have shallow cut which allows higher amount of light to penetrate it and light coloured gemstones look better with symmetrical deep cut.


It is important that all facets of the gemstone are in symmetry as asymmetrical gemstones are of low quality. High quality gemstones reflect light evenly on the top while are polished smooth. There should be no visible scratches and flaws visible. Like high quality diamonds, each of the cut gemstone has crown, girdle, culet, table and pavilion.


Colour is the most important criteria of evaluation of any gemstone. This is further judged on the basis of hue, saturation and tone. Most valued gemstones are those that are have pore, even colours, just like the gemstones we have.


With varied hues, ranging from pinks to reddish-purples, green to blue and purples, gemstones are available in many hues.


This is the colour depth and ranges from completely colourless to black. Usually the gemstone tone is described as light, medium light, medium dark, medium and completely dark. With a huge range of variations in colours and tone, we have high quality gemstone jewellery.


This is the purity of color wherein there are no hues in shades of grey and brown.


Due to the unique formation, gemstones have a multitude of trace materials that create inclusions and identification marks. However, unlike diamonds, it is not necessary that the inclusions mar the beauty of the gemstone.

Depending upon the gemstone, there are a variety of acceptable inclusions. Emerald and ruby have high number of inclusions that are acceptable while topaz and aquamarine have lower inclusions naturally. Although clarity is an important component of quality in gemstones, only moderate inclusions in gemstones are valuable. High quality gemstones have high clarity and are available with no or very few inclusions.


Unlike diamonds, different gemstones have different weight and densities. A ruby is denser than a diamond so a 2 carat ruby will be much smaller in size than a 2 carat diamond even though the weight remains the same. When buying gemstones, it s best to always ask for the measurements or dimensions. This s done so that the size and weight is visible after the gemstone is set in gold or platinum.

We have a select selection of high quality gemstones and diamonds for discerning buyers and each gemstone comes with the GIA certification about its unique features. always ask for the measurements, cut and dimensions of diamonds and gemstones before buying them.

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