With a variety of different diamond shapes, there are varied considerations for quality, depending upon the specific shape.


This is the most popular shape for diamonds and for a century, diamond has been shaped round by diamond cutters using the mathematical calculations for the best cut for maximized brilliance and sparkle. This shape is popular as it provides heightened brilliance with clarity and cut. Each round diamond has 58 facets and is usually a preferred choice for engagement rings and solitaire jewellery.


The pavilion or the lower portion of the diamond is cut with rectangular facets which gives it a different look. The open table shape provides a proper glimpse into the clarity of the diamond. However, the rectangular shape can vary. The interplay of light and shade is well-defined in the planes. While D-F colour grades are in demand. Usually this shaped diamonds are used in pendants, rings and earrings.


Generally square shaped with pointed corners, the Princess cut is extremely popular in the rings and quite a favoured cut when it comes to engagements rings. But the shapes vary from square to rectangle and colour might be visible at the corners in the J- colour diamonds. If you intend on setting the Princess cut diamond with other diamonds on the side, it is bets to get the width of 1.05 and the length of 1.08. It should always be set with prongs as four corners need to be protected. It has the same brilliance and sparkle of a round diamond.


With this shape you get a larger diamond with a higher carat. Usually teamed with round side stones, the brilliant cut of diamond are accentuated, it has the highest crown surface. It has degrees of bow-tie that varies from severe to invisible. While symmetry is important to this diamond cut, the two corners need to be set with prongs to protect chipping. As the diamonds of this cut are long and narrow, it is best shaped when the length and breadth ratio is from 1.75 to 2.25. The Marquise shaped diamond ring makes the fingers look slender and longer.


Though similar to the Emerald cut, this unique shape is usually square while the lower bottom or pavilion has rectangular facets. It has higher brilliance than the emerald cut and concentric squares can be seen when looked into the table. With cropped corners, Asscher diamonds have a slight octagonal shape and length-width ratio of 1.00. This shape highlights the cut and clarity so view the imperfections on the certificate.


Similar to the round shape, oval shaped diamonds look brilliant on rings as it makes the fingers look longer. It is best to see that the length–width ratio is 1.35-1.50 which is considered the classic oval cut. However, there is a degree of bow-tie which can vary from invisible to severe. They have the brilliance and fire like the round cut diamonds.


Cushion shaped or pillow shaped diamond has large facets and rounded corners for higher sparkle and brilliance. The classic cut has length-width ratio of 1.00 which is a square but most popular shape has the ratio of length-width ratio of 1.10-1.20.


Symbolizing eternal love, heart shaped diamonds are popular in rings and pendants. It is essential to have the perfect symmetry as the two sides need to be identical, cleft has to be distinct and the two sides or wings should have slight curve. It is best to have at least .50 carat diamonds as heart shaped as the shape will not emerge otherwise. The classic heart shaped diamond has a ratio of length-width as .85 to 1.00 (broad) or 1.05 to 1.15 (narrow). In J-colour diamond, the colour is delicately visible on the edges.


Pear or teardrop shaped diamond has a rounded end with tapered point. It is popular in rings, earrings and other jewellery pieces. In rings, it is worn with the narrow point towards the hand of the wearer. Pear shaped diamonds are available in narrow to wide cuts, helping the fingers appear slender and thin. It is essential to have the cut in symmetrical curves with no straight edges. The rounded top should be a semi-circle, while not having a squared appearance. The length-width ratio is 1.40-1.70, there are arrange of selections to select from. The narrow cut is good for dangle earrings while a wider shape is perfect for a solitaire ring, with a prong at the point to protect is from chipping.

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